Tips To Help You Lose Your Belly Fat

We all want to lose that belly fat at some point in our lives and it’s actually to your benefit when you lose it. The more belly fat you have the higher the chances of you getting heart disease and type 2 diabetes to name a few.

Here are a few tips you can use:

1. Why not start eating high fiber foods, they make you eat less as they make you feel full by absorbing water and forms a gel that slows food down as it passes through your digestive system. Also, it can help to flush out bad toxins from your body.

2. Are you stressed? Don’t let it tie you down look for an outlet. When you are stressed your body produces the “stress hormone” that increases your appetite and directs abdominal fat storage. So look for something that relaxes you and can enjoy during your free time to help reduce any stress you’re feeling.

3. What better way to lose stomach fat than to do exercise. Why not join your local gym and join their aerobics class. Cardio exercises have been proved to reduce calories and increase your health and is the most effective. The intensity of the work-out doesn’t really matter but it mainly depends on the time you spend exercising.

4. How long you sleep is important. Try and sleep at least 7 hours a night. A study showed that the people who slept for only five hours began to gain weight compared to those who slept at least seven hours. Sleep apnea has also been connected to increase in belly fat.For those that might have a sleep disorder or sleep apnea it is important to get it treated.

5.Reduce your alcohol intake it increases your belly fat when taken in large amounts. In small amounts alcohol is actually healthy.

6. Reduce your sugar intake, since sugar contains fructose which has been connected to increase in belly fat and other chronic diseases when it’s taken in excess. Even natural sugar, like honey, should be taken in moderation.

7. Keep track of your exercise and food intake. Keeping a food dairy or food app helps you keep from consuming more calories than your body needs and it has been shown to be very effective for people who want to lose weight.

These are but a few of the methods you can try in your endeavor. Pick one that best suits you or use a combination of techniques to get to your goal.

A Few Weight Loss Tips

According to reports, many people are prone to various diseases because of their weight. These diseases include; heart diseases, renal diseases and metabolic disease such as diabetes mellitus. Most of the victims find trouble cutting down that weight in order to avoid repercussions brought along with such unregulated weight. There are a number of ways which you can employ to bring down your weight and have healthy living and acceptable body mass index values.The following are weight loss tips:

1. Drinking green tea

Research has shown that,green tea contains antioxidants referred to as catechins which enhance metabolism ensuring excess fats stored in the body are burned down to provide energy hence subsequent weight loss.

2. Start weight lifting

Weight lifting will build on your muscles tissue. These tissues burn a lot of calories in the body whether or not you are at work. The greater the lean muscle you have the faster you will lose your weight. While at home you can do some push-ups , lunges or even a few squats. You can also use free weights at home to perform simple triceps or biceps pulls and curls respectively.

3. Reduce salt intake

Salt contain sodium which when it is reabsorbed into the kidney water follows it hence consequent water retention. This makes you appear and feel as if you are bloated. Do not take too much of salt. The recommended values per day is taking not more than 2.4 grams/approximately one teaspoon full of sodium. Be watchful on your sodium intake . This may not necessarily mean you completely abscond salt intake but rather taking it sparingly.

4. Getting sleep

Denying yourself sleep makes you fat. People who sleep less than four hours in a night experience slower rates of metabolism as compared to their counterparts who get up to a recommended eight hours of sleep every other night. Ensuring you get enough sleep shades your weight.

5. Eating every meal

Some people deny themselves meals in an attempt to cut their weight but the contrary happen. This is because the body misinterpret” thinking” that it is a signal of starvation hence converting the little you take and store them in form of fats for retrieval later for use by the body. It is therefore advisable to take regulated meal rather than skipping.

6. Evening walk

Anytime exercise is good but given the fact that your metabolism slows down towards evening, it will be prudent of you to take some minutes to do some exercise at this time . This will raise your metabolic rate.

The above weight loss tips are paramount to healthy living of a human being.

Some health benefits of practising Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that dates centuries back. It is a way of exercising that focuses on not only the body but also the mind and not forgetting the soul. It has been wholesome practice since its inception. wholesome, in that it touches the inner and outer being of anyone who practices it. Yoga is derived from an Indian language word ‘yug’ which may refer to the one’s own awareness in union with the universal nature. It is very important to note that the practice is not a religion rather a science of well-being, youthfulness and of integrating the body, soul, and mind. It originated from the Indian culture and was also associated with our health and also making one feel younger and youthful despite advanced age.

Health is a major priority for many in this generation. So many people are having overweight issues due to the tight schedules and lack of time to exercise and lose some weight. Day in day out, people are consuming junk foods and have no time to remove the extra fat in their bodies. Moreover, attending gym classes to exercise and lose weight may consume too much time for some people or even be too expensive. Here yoga comes in very handy as it is time-saving and cost effective. Yoga has positive effects on our breathing, by refreshing the breathing rate which in effect enhances the metabolism rate and makes the heart beat rate more effective. Once one receives healing from the inside, the outer body will in turn regenerate healing on its own.

Some of the yoga techniques you will learn may involve body twists and other poses that fortify muscles and thereby facilitating weight loss. Moreover, yoga helps in strengthening one’s bone skeleton on top of aiding ease of stress and anxiety. Yoga involves a technique called, the warrior pose. This technique works on one’s arms and legs including the thighs. This yoga technique is also a great enhancer of blood circulation. Another technique when practising yoga is the triangular pose. This one straightens the side of the body, strengthening the body arms and thighs as it involves upward stretching.

Finally, another technique during the yoga is the upward plank. It works extensively on one’s back, shoulders, spines, arms, wrists, and also works on the muscles. It also enhances the functioning of the respiratory system. Yoga for weight is definitely effective in terms of results and time saving and cost effective.